Our dedication to Quality Assurance

Having a comprehensive and well-established quality assurance set-up is crucial to succeeding in producing custom-made VM in China.

Having a comprehensive and well-established quality assurance set-up is crucial to succeeding in producing custom-made VM in China.

Our dedication to Quality Assurance

TJ Squared has years of extensive knowledge and experience in quality assurance since first operating in China in 2005.

The main principle to succeeding with manufacturing in China, at international levels, is to have a comprehensive quality assurance set-up. We are proud to say that 20-25% of our office is currently working directly with quality assurance and control.

The TJ Squared QA Team

The QA Department currently consists of 10 Quality Controllers managed by our QA Manager. Each Quality Controller holds extensive knowledge and several years of experience with quality assurance, and all with a technical educational background.

We regard our quality controllers as some of our most important staff – they are our eyes and ears during the manufacturing phase with our production partners.

The QA Fundamentals

We work with quality assurance from both theoretical and practical aspects at all levels of our business and involve all stakeholders, including customers, ourselves, production partners, and external third-party QA consultant agencies.

The first and most important step of every project is to determine and become aligned with our customers’ on their required quality level. This involves considerations of the function of the element/campaign, the distance it is to be viewed at, its planned lifetime as well as the general quality level standards and expectations from the brand. Together with the budget and time available, that defines the conditions for a given project and the adequate general quality level hereof.

The QA Process

For every project, a quality control briefing meeting is being held with the participation of the QA Manager, the appointed Quality Controller, as well as the responsible Designer, Key Account Manager and Project Manager. Here, the Quality Controller is being thoroughly briefed on the set quality levels, based on quality specifications and material-, colour- and surface appearance swatches as well as the final confirmed prototype. At this meeting, all-important points to be controlled are being identified and included in a ‘Quality Control Checklist’, based on which the Quality Controller conducts his/her daily work.

We are present at our production partners’ sites to monitor and control quality during all-important production phases. All findings are being reported to the responsible team in the Daily Quality Control Report. Besides quality matters, the Daily Quality Control Report also includes feedback on the production status compared to the detailed schedule, enabling strict time control.

Upon conclusion of each project, a Quality Control Debriefing meeting is being held. The purpose of this meeting is to reflect upon- and evaluate the performance of all production partners involved, and ourselves, in regards to assuring quality.

We find that the above set-up is the only way to successfully manufacture custom-made visual merchandising campaigns in China and meet our client’s expectations of quality and on-time delivery.

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