Our production set-up

A unique two-step approach to producing custom-made VM with full creative freedom: A combination of specialised production partners and our specialised assembly plant.

A unique two-step approach to producing custom-made VM with full creative freedom: A combination of specialised production partners and our specialised assembly plant.

A Two-part production set-up

Custom-made VM campaigns are always different in design and typically consist of several parts and components produced in various materials, with different methods, and by several production partners.

This ever-changing aspect of VM is streamlined by our strategically designed production set-up, which offers access to the most optimal creative freedom.

Our production set‐up is strategically laid out to consist of two parts: production partners and our own assembly plant. This combined set-up is ideal, as it is fully flexible and enables us to make any custom-made designs. It gives us unlimited production possibilities while ensuring quali­ty control and delivery consistency.

Part 1

An extensive network of production partners

We have established strong partnerships with a large number of manufacturers in China and South-East Asia. This gives us access to a complete range of materials and production methods, which we can then offer to our international clients.

Our production partners manufacture both semi-finished and/or finished display parts. These components are then transported to our in-house plant for assembly and packing/co-packing into the final custom-made campaign.

We build strong and sustainable relationships with our many production partners. They have been carefully selected, trained, and developed continuously and consistently by us since 2005.

These relationships ensures that our products meet international standards – both in terms of the environment, quality, and corporate social responsibility. We believe these are important aspects to consider for ourselves but also to align with our client’s individual goals.

We have several production partners within each material category to continuously assure consistency of supply at the most competitive prices.

Part 2

TJ Squared’s in-house assembly plant

Our assembly plant deploys a total flexible production approach. We can adapt and customise our production lines according to the characteristics and needs of each project.

At our assembly plant, we receive and consolidate semi-finished/finished components from our production partners. We then set up a specifically designed production line to assemble, apply, and pack/co-pack them into final and complete visual merchandising campaign packages prepared per store, ready for worldwide distribution.

Operating our plant and handling final assembly processes in-house puts us in full control, which is crucial for supplying complex custom-made visual merchandising campaigns successfully – every time!

We have a factory floor of over 5,000 sqm., and employ between 100 to 150 workers depending on the production activity.

These two parts of our production set-up are critical to our ability to specialise in the design, development and manufacturing of any custom-made visual merchandising campaign.

This one-of-a-kind set-up can be adapted to any project and its needs, and the strategically flexible design of the set-up gives brands full artistic freedom when it comes to creating concepts.

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