Our business model

Learn more about how we have designed our business model as a platform to create the best VM campaigns for international brands.

Learn more about how we have designed our business model as a platform to create the best VM campaigns for international brands.

The optimal VM set-up for retail brands

The importance of visual merchandising simply cannot be overestimated. A brand store is largely dependent on generating traffic from customers walking by – as well as creating a universe around their products.

Mid- and high-end brands exist because of their ability to add extra value to the product through the brand, plus their universe and stories that their customers identify with.

Throughout the years, we have seen many brands fail to obtain the optimal value for their budget and struggle with creating VM for their stores in an efficient way. 

Because of the nature of seasonal VM campaigns, you need a fully flexible set-up that can facilitate completely custom-made campaigns and meet the tight deadlines multiple times a year.

That was the motivation behind our vision to create the ideal set-up for brands to develop and purchase custom-made visual merchandising campaigns.

5 of the key elements of our business model are outlined below. 

1. Strategically located in China

When trying to create an effectful VM campaign, you must look at costs to get the maximum value for your budget. You have a fixed budget, and you need to create a campaign that is as unique, ‘rich’ and impactful as possible.

That is why it is inevitable to look towards the low costs offered in East Asia, as well as their very competitive mass-production competencies.

You have much more creative freedom, greater financial leeway and will be able to do more with your budget if you have access to the right partners in East Asia.

However, it is not easy to successfully produce custom-made displays in China – unless you are an established and truly China-based company. That’s why TJ Squared has been strategically located in Shanghai, China, since 2009, to provide these benefits to our customers.

2. Designed for brands in Europe and the US

To support our customers around Europe and the US in the best way possible, we have Key Account Managers that speak all of the major languages. Every Key Account Manager has a design background and can understand your creative concepts – which can be expressed in your native language.

Your assigned Key Account Manager will be with you during the entire process, from conceptual development to final distribution, and make sure every detail is on track.

3. network of production partners

When creating custom-made visual merchandise, you will need to have access to an unlimited range of materials and production methods. Otherwise, you will often find yourself limited in what is possible to create for your campaign.

For that reason, we have got a deep network of specialised production partners in China, that, in total, offers unlimited materials and production methods to create VM components from. In combination with our extensive quality assurance set-up, we are able to produce any thinkable designs.

4. Our in-house assembly plant

After different components are made by our specialised partners, we consolidate them all at our own assembly plant to assemble and pack the finished VM campaigns in the most efficient and cheapest way. We set up a tailored assembly line for each project to finish and pack the completed campaigns for worldwide distribution.

Having this in-house assembly plant is, in fact, the key that enables us to offer unlimited creativity and full flexibility in the campaign type- and design. Our in-house assembly plant enables full utilisation of our large network of production partners, providing access to any material and production method for any custom-made campaign. At the same time, operating our own plant for consolidation, assembly, and packing puts us in full control, securing supply consistency.

5. Pricing philosophy

We want to foster creativity and encourage you to design the most unique, ‘rich’ and effective campaigns. Therefore we make the design phase and the development of samples and prototypes as cheap as possible and recover our costs on the mass-production phase only.

Since we are truly specialised in creating custom-made VM campaigns and located in China, we can offer a very competitive price. This gives you the chance to create the best possible campaigns without limitations – and thereby enabling you to capture the most value from each campaign.

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