At TJ Squared we ship thousands of parcels, packages and boxes containing goods to customers all over the world. According to our calculations, we have historically used around 3200 cubic meters of Styrofoam, roughly 350 cubic meters of EPE foam, more than 1 million plastic bags and estimated 1.5 million kilometres of packaging tape every year, to protect shipped visual merchandising materiel.

With numbers like this, TJ Squared is acutely aware of our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and adopt sustainable solutions when it comes to packaging. We will always do our best to consolidate and save on packaging materials, where this can be done without putting integrity of shipments at risk.

Moreover, we are constantly trying to do more, and therefore we have chosen to gradually overhaul our packaging concept leading the way by  setting new standards for the entire industry.

Expected to be finalised by 3rd quarter 2022 this exciting new concept is aimed at eliminating the reliance on plastic packaging materials as much as possible, focusing instead on more environmental friendly solutions. As part of the efforts to do better, TJ Squared has already completely phased out Styrofoam and PVC as viable packaging materials unless specifically requested by the customer.

Through rigorous testing and selection of sustainable alternatives we estimate that we from 2023 can reduce the amount of plastic used in our packaging by 80% – 90% for most of our product protection options by switching to options made from cardboard and paper.

All of our wood based packaging materials such as cardboard, honeycomb material and paper protection material are all FSC certified and made from recycled paper mass to the largest extent possible.


In addition to significantly reducing plastic waste generated from packaging material, it is our intention  to ensure a higher degree of recycling in the individual markets of our customers through easier disassembly and separation of packaging materials. Therefore, we make disposal of similar material easier at individual point of sales.

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