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The key to a renowned jewellery brand’s successful campaign:
A specialised consolidation and assembly plant

Working with a renowned Danish jewellery brand since 2010 has been an innovative journey. We have worked with the brand on more than 75 seasonal and product launching campaigns.

Throughout our long-term relationship, we have developed a unique dynamic of working together. The creative team will approach us with their intended ideas and will ask us for our input on and validation of their conceptual ideas. We will then develop technical solutions, propose different suitable materials and surface treatments and identify the appropriate production methods. All to achieve the look and feel that the brand envisions.

The price levels of each solution, the production, consolidation and assembly time, as well as global distribution, will be taken into consideration for the offered solutions.

The collaborative effort between the brand’s VM department and our team maximises the creative freedom for the brand and creates a smooth work process towards the shared, aligned vision for the VM campaign.

The challange

A dainty looking campaign with many different components

The brand was looking for an intricate display for their in-store showcases. The display was envisioned with many different elements, using different materials and techniques.

The brand’s in-store wall cabinets are modularly built using four different sizes of showcases combined in different options to fit the individual stores. The wish for the brand was that a standard campaign area, comprising nine showcases, should have different sceneries and expressions in all showcases by using the individual elements in different combinations.

Some of the showcases included:

  • A showcase containing an elaborate, grid display element with nine inserts and displays
  • A showcase featuring a magnifying glass to zoom in on the jewellery and create a close up of the item
  • A showcase containing “free-standing” dainty jewellery rods that would be used to display and present the jewellery pieces. The challenge was to make these appear delicate and not clunky with an invisible base
  • A showcase that featured a squared-shaped-funnel display to highlight necklaces

This complex campaign needed to be completed in a short amount of time, be distributed globally, and easy to implement in stores. 

The solutions

A wide variety of production partners

To meet the brand’s brief, we came up with different solutions for each individual showcase.

A: For the showcase with the grid display, the structure was made in acrylic, covered with a brushed golden brass foil, mounted on a sheet of clear acrylic to give the structure more stability.

This solution was chosen over others because of its lightweight, sturdy structure, and met the budget. The individual square inserts were injection moulded from ABS plastic in varying pink shades. For the squares with the Terrazzo surface, the material effect was obtained by water transferring of the artwork to the surface.

B: For the showcase featuring the magnifying glass, a red acrylic box was inserted to change the whole expression of the showcase. The box was designed to hold a removable tube, on which the bracelets could easily be displayed and changed.  Further, holes in the box were strategically positioned to allow the showcase light to shine through at the right angle to highlight the jewellery.

The customers wish of highlighting the beautiful details of the jewellery was obtained by customising a magnifying glass with the right degree and focal point for the viewer to have an optimal view into the details. The frame for the magnifying glass was cast in solid brass with a gyro-mechanism allowing the magnifying glass to be positioned at the perfect angle.

C: For the showcase containing the funnel-shaped display, the funnel was moulded in ABS plastic and fitted with a brass foil on the edge. The edge concealed the hanging fitting for the necklaces and could easily be opened to exchange the displayed jewellery.

D: The rods that were developed to display the jewellery were produced from a 2 mm powder-coated steel tube. On the tubes, different kinds of display tops were welded to create platforms for display.

In order to achieve the brand’s wish for the jewellery rods to appear spouting from the floor of the showcase, a base plate with a vertical needle was developed. The bases were placed under the floor boards, and the needles were pushed through predrilled holes.

Finally, the jewellery rod could be slid on the needles appearing elegantly free standing.

A separate solution for hanging jewellery rods was developed with magnets for easy installation in the showcases.

Our in-house consolidation and assembly plant

The campaign could not have been developed and produced without the advantages of TJ Squared´s specialised consolidation and assembly plant. All the different elements were consolidated at TJ Squared´s facility. 

Individual assembly lines were established, specialised for assembling and finishing each element.

As the customer has an intensive store set-up, with multiple set-ups and combinations of wall cabinets, separate packaging lines were set up by wall cabinet. This was to ensure correct packaging of the many elements by store level.

The results

A feminine looking campaign with elaborate details

The campaign was exactly as envisioned, and each component was individually detailed as desired, thanks to the unlimited range of production materials and methods available.

Without this unlimited choice of materials, production methods, and manufacturers, as well as our consolidation and assembly plant, it would have not been possible to achieve such a rich expression.

The unique features and the overall expression of the campaign were well received by the brand and was highly appreciated by its customers.

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