By Malene Birger

Conceptual idea
Technical Development

A multipurpose Christmas campaign: Teddy bears used for both VM and sold for charity

By Malene Birger (BMB) is a women’s luxury clothing brand, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand is well known for its elegant and sophisticated clothing and accessories that encompass the modern, contemporary woman.

The brand’s clothing collections are stylish and trendsetting. The collections embody the fashionable woman, with their clean tailoring and classy details.

We have worked with the brand since 2010 and have a long relationship with the inspiring creative team. The “Teddy” Christmas campaign was just one of many VM projects we have worked on together with the brand.

The challange

a campaign that was more than just a window display

The brands’s creative team approached us with their Christmas campaign, with Teddy bears as the centrepiece. The campaign idea was Teddies to be displayed in windows in-store, as well as an element to be sold to customers, to raise money for charity.

The vision for the window display was to showcase a grand collection of silver, gold, and copper, mirror look Teddies of varying sizes. These Teddies needed to look luxurious, and sophisticated, with an extremely smooth and high gloss, shiny surface.

The Teddies were to be displayed in a sleek shelving system that would also offer display of the brand’s products. In selected shelves, the concept was to create interest by using coloured “boxes” that tied in with the colours of the Christmas theme.

In order to reduce waste and cost, the creative team at Malene Birger wished for the shelving system to be reused in future campaigns, and hence should be easy to assemble and disassemble for easy storage.

For the small Teddies to be retailed to the end consumers, BMB wished for an elegant POS packaging box to be special developed for this project.

The solution

electroplated Teddies and customised elements

In order to bring the Teddies to life, the solution was to hand sculpt the Teddies in a soft material to determine the desired characteristics and features of the face of the bear.

Once the shape of the Teddies was approved by the brand, the moulds were created for production in resin. The bears were scaled in 3 different sizes of 70cm, 30cm, and 15cm.

After casting, the Teddies were then vigorously and carefully hand- polished to create a perfect surface for electroplating. This is an intensive process, as a shiny electroplated surface is very unforgiving. Any flaws or unpolished areas will lead to a matte and uneven finished surface treatment.

After hand-polishing, the bears were electroplated in 3 different colours: brass, copper, and silver.

For the shelving system, the structure was produced in clear acrylic. To
make construction easy, the shelves were assembled by lab joints. The
shelving system was then fully secured using regular stainless steel
screws. The shelf was distributed knocked-down to optimise packaging and transportation.

The display “boxes” used for the shelving system were made in a combination of blue painted MDF and red acrylic. The colour of the boxes matched exactly with the Christmas campaign colours. To optimise costs and waste, the shelving system was used in following campaigns, changing the appearance of the campaigns by adding new coloured boxes to the system.

The extra added and unique feature to this Christmas of retailing the Teddy bears to the end-consumers to raise money for charity required a special POS box to be customised.

The packaging was highly bespoke to fit the size, symmetry, and dimensions of the Teddy. The outside of the packaging featured fully customised colour and artwork detailing. The inlay of the box was flocked in red, and the lid features a PVC “window” to display the Teddy.

As the box was fully customised, the different elements of the POS packaging were produced by no less than 5 different production partners:

  1. the cardboard box
  2. the printed artwork
  3. the inlay
  4. the flocked inside materials
  5. the 15cm teddy

The elements were consolidated at our in-house plant, where a production line was set up to assemble the box and pack the Teddies.

The result

stylish shiny Teddies and luxurious packaging

The Teddies looked cute and exquisite and were displayed graceful both in the windows and in-store.

The selling of the bears was a huge success. The exclusive packaging supported the stylish, mirror shine bears perfectly to the customers liking. All the bears were sold, and the profit raised, were donated to a women’s charity. A wonderful initiative for a good cause.

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