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Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN finds the most optimal approach to create their artistic visual merchandising

Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN is one of Denmark’s most luxurious jewellery brands and one of the very few jewellery brands that has been granted an official appointment to the Royal Danish Court. With design and production still located in Denmark, the family-run business was founded (and is still run) by Ole Lynggaard.

His daughter, Charlotte Lynggaard, is also a designer and has launched several successful collections. Ole’s son, Søren Lynggaard is CEO and also heavily involved in the business side of the brand, Ole’s son-in-law Michel Normann is a board member and his daughter-in-law, Hanna Lynggaard, is a retail manager. The involvement of the Lynggaard family strengthens the authentic and artistic values of the brand.

Cooperations between Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN and TJ Squared have been strong since 2009 when TJ Squared was first founded, and Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN have been a loyal customer throughout the years.

Corporations have included a variety of product segments, including:

  • Seasonal visual merchandising campaigns
  • Generic displays, platforms, trays and fittings
  • Gift bags
  • Selected event material

As a brand, Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN has a highly exclusive positioning within the market. Their values of authentic creativity/artistry, combined with handmade, high-quality materials and honest design, can be seen throughout their business model, jewellery, and product supporting material.

The creative briefs

Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN’s briefs always emanate the brand’s genuine characteristics. The VM must express authenticity whilst remaining elegant, sophisticated, and delicate. Nothing too harsh or chunky, it must be fragile and subtle, but maintain a sense of high-luxury and hand-crafted, exclusive qualities.

For the purpose of this case, three of the brand’s campaigns will be used as examples to highlight the level of detail and refined design that TJ Squared cooperated on with Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN. The examples include the following campaigns:

  1. Paper flowers, inspired by Charlotte’s own jewellery design illustrations
  2. Atelier, inspired by an artist’s studio/workshop, with scattered crates and pallets for painting
  3. Christmas, a festive-themed display that included dainty paper elements with a hand-painted artwork 
The challange

Mass-producing handcrafted and delicate VM

With the brand’s creative briefs, the luxurious qualities and high-craftsmanship of the brand had to be maintained and seen throughout the VM whilst being produced in large quantities for the brand’s global stores.

A way to mass-produce a traditionally time-consuming handcrafted capability while retaining the signature handcrafted touch.

But finding solutions that were streamlined and as efficient as possible was required to complete the projects in the most optimal and reasonable time frame.

The solutions

Highly detailed handcrafted elements

In order to create these highly detailed, handcrafted elements, TJ Squared was able to “industrialise” these delicate VM elements for Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN.

With the brand, the visual merchandising had a unique nature. The elements needed to look imperfect and have a handmade feel to them. This was the brand’s vision and definition of perfection, but from the standpoint of mass manufacturing, this would be considered flawed since uniform results are usually desired.

Paper flowers

In the case of the paper flowers, we needed to find a handcrafted mass-production method that enabled non-artist-skilled workers to produce an artistic result that was distinguished by its individual uniqueness, since the workers lacked the artist’s skills. 

Therefore as a solution, the Sundance-craft-paper-petals of each individual flower were initially punched out slightly oversized to give the crafters a guide. The petals were then hand-torn by approx. 5 mm to give an outline that was imperfect and that was completely unique to each flower. These were then glued to a thin metal rod fitting.


The elements for the Atelier campaign were hand detailed to achieve the degree of detail and refinement needed. The tiny paint tubes measured just 10 mm, and the writing on the minuscule 15 x 15 x 20 mm crates featured handwritten artwork.

Miniature paint brushes, palettes, boxes, and tiny travel bags were among the other details; they were minuscule but detailed.

Attached to the small wooden pallets were delicate flying birds created from parchment paper, attached by dainty thin wiring. The exact position of which could be hand-tweaked when installing in the store.  


Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN’s Christmas campaign contained the same dedication to detail. The elements for this campaign included tiny paper Christmas trees, rugs, presents, all to be displayed alongside the jewellery.

The tree was held up by a thin, delicate stem foot wire, and it had a stylised design with handwritten artwork. To further emphasise the brand’s true values, the ribbons on the presents were made from raw, honest, organic materials. Handwritten artwork was also featured on the rug, and the tassels were stamped out to individually separate them, adding to the delicate appearance.

In order to add another personal and authentic touch, the campaign included a printed plaque that featured a handwritten message, written by Ole himself. 

The campaign also included Christmas decoration paper-cone angels. These elements were created from textured Sundance craft paper with a printed, hand-drawn artwork. The festive products were sold in stores in simple, but elegant packaging. Since we produced both the product and the packaging, we could supply completed products ready for sale from the brand’s stores.

The results

Magical campaigns

The attention to detail and the handcrafted aspect for all three of these campaigns resulted in an elegant and luxurious collection of VM that perfectly exhibited the same core values that the brand has.

This handcrafted element of the flowers meant that there were slight imperfections, which matched the brand’s creative brief and was desired by the brand.

The Atelier was similarly handcrafted, resulting in an artistic and creative expression while also maintaining the brand’s characteristics of delicate elegance.

For the Christmas campaign, the dainty paper Christmas setting exhibited detailed and intricate handwork. The paper cone angels enabled customers to bring a bit of Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN’s signature design and aura into their homes. The hand-painted and (deliberately) imperfect print of these decorations further emphasised the brand’s unique devotion to authentic quality and craftsmanship. 

Over the years, Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN’s signature touch and approach to creating VM has challenged and pushed TJ Squared to come up with new, innovative solutions. This long-standing collaboration, combined with Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN’s unique dimension of VM, has made TJ Squared into a more knowledgeable and expert company. This development and evolution is something we are incredibly grateful for.  

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