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Georg Jensen’s generic platform - a truly versatile concept

Georg Jensen is a high-end luxury brand, originally founded as a silver smithy.  Today the brand is world-renowned for its high-quality design within jewellery and homeware. Georg Jensen crafts elegant jewellery pieces, including rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Over the years, we have formed a well-established relationship with the creative team at Georg Jensen and have worked together on more than 50 projects. This case was very unique, with a distinctive focus on versatility and with it, a highly optimised VM process.

The challange

Finding a flexible and versatile concept

Georg Jensen approached us with a wish to create a platform concept to display jewellery in a way where the platform should be a generic item, but with a feature to change the look and appearance for different seasons, festivals, and product launches. Hence the platforms should be very versatile and adaptable.

The platforms should be used in different environments and set-ups, so the platforms would be viewed from all angles. This called for a solution with invisible joining of parts.

Further, the solution of changing VM set-ups should be easy to implement with minimal assembly and construction performed by the store personnel.

The solution

A universal generic platform with endless opportunities

To provide this adaptability and flexibility, a bespoke generic platform was developed. The platforms consist of two separate components: a back panel and a base panel. These were easily joined together by a standard rod and screw system, making the assembly of the platform simple and straightforward. 

The facet edged platforms were made from MDF compressed board and then covered with a grey coloured fabric. This neutral-coloured fabric created a background for applying seasonal colours to the platforms. The fabric had a high density with short hairs, allowing the brand logo to be silkscreen printed on the fabric.

To accommodate the wish for different elements and surfaces for seasonal highlights, the platforms were developed so a metal sheet could be attached to the platform. Inside of the base and back panels, magnets were imbedded strategically, allowing seasonal artworks to be applied on top of the platforms without any assembly required.

The metal sheets, to be applied on the platforms, can be covered with fabric, prints or any other surface material to create exactly the look and feeling that each season, festivities, or product launch requires.

Further, the embedded magnets also allow 3D decorative elements to be placed and fixed easily onto the platforms.

The results

A luxurious looking adaptable platform

As a result of the clever and optimised platform system, the brand has found a simple approach to their challenge of finding a versatile VM solution.

The base and back panels act as a “stage” for the artistic background sheet. These strategically neutral-toned panels give attention to the season’s campaign background sheet, which is easily emphasised. Also, the facet edged detail gave a complete border feature around the background sheet and tied in well with the brand’s existing series of jewellery display fittings, blocks, and bust forms.

By developing the changeable background with the ability to freely choose between various surface materials, the adaptability of the generic platform is huge. This has created a versatile and flexible set-up, making the process of continuously developing new seasonal campaigns smooth and efficient – both resource and cost-wise, without compromising on the quality and variety of seasonal product supporting VM material.

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