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Euroshop 2020: How we exhibited our company and our services

The world’s no. 1 retail trade fair, Euroshop, is the main event for suppliers to exhibit towards retailers. Held in Düsseldorf, Germany, every third year, Euroshop offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase all our capabilities and expert knowledge.

We wanted to present our specialised set-up within customised visual merchandising campaigns.  Our main goal was to show the industry how exactly TJ Squared operates.

Our bespoke Euroshop booth

As a design and manufacturing company, we decided to develop and produce the complete fair booth by ourselves. We wanted to develop a fair booth with the following features:

  • A flexible booth to be used for Euroshop 2020 and future fairs.
  • A booth that is adaptable and can be configured for different booth sizes and layouts.
  • A booth with shop windows, allowing to display full window VM set-ups.
  • Shop windows with the flexibility to easily change the whole VM decoration, including walls, floor, lights and with a possibility to include hanging elements.
  • A booth set-up where the shop windows could face outwards towards the fair area as well as inwards towards the booth.
  • Incorporated areas to display generic display platforms as well as smaller 3D VM elements.
  • An area for presenting various printing techniques.
  • A booth offering a tangible experience with the possibility to touch and feel.

The adoptable booth

Early in the process, we decided on a booth in a modular set-up, consisting of a standard size window box unit. The window boxes were designed as a sturdy metal frame structure holding two shop windows. These window box units can then be placed independently from each other, facing in the direction desired.

The frame structure is designed so cladding panels can easily be attached to all sides of the structure, creating the ambience desired inside each shop window, as well as having a possibility to apply a nice finishing on the outside of the structure.

Further, the frame structure is built using a slotted upright gable structure. This enables various fittings with a bracket to be hooked onto the gables, using the backside of the window boxes for further display possibilities.

The shop windows

For the Euroshop 2020, we decided on a set-up with eight shop windows.  Four facing outwards to attract attention from visitors passing by our booth, as well as four facing inwards to create ambience inside the booth itself.

The window content was created to fully present our services and capabilities within the retail segments we primarily target.

Three windows were designed for the jewellery segment and two for the watch industry, focusing on full VM solutions, including display cases for close-up views and display of jewellery and timepieces. All five windows in different decoration environments, showcasing the effect that different lights, surfaces textures and large-scale elements have on the whole shop experience.

Three windows were designed for the fashion segment, focusing on larger scale VM, incorporating mannequins showcasing how seasonality can easily be incorporated by using different VM elements to create totally different shop windows.

All eight windows were made different by using the flexibility of the window box system.  Different surfaces were applied to panels. Combinations of printed paper, fabric, painted surfaces, backlit banners and attached 3D elements were used to showcase the unlimited possibilities in materials and production methods that we can offer to our clients.

Finally, special attention had also been paid to the lighting of the decorations. It was designed specifically to what was displayed in each window, in terms of light temperature (cold / warm colour), the brightness and the focus angle of the light. This created a differentiated and theatrical light experience of each window decoration, bringing materials, surfaces and textures to life.

Other display options

We used the backside of the window boxes, facing the booth inwards using the gable system, to display a variety of back panels or bases for display showcase units. Here, we had the possibility to present a wide range of technics, surface applications and textures we can obtain by different printing methods or use of different materials.

Furthermore, the shelves allowed us to showcase smaller scale 3D VM elements we have created over the years.

As a special touch, we had created a large-scale mobile installation above the centre tables, consisting of 50 large feathers floating in the air. A feature that already caught (or drew) the visitor’s attention from a distance.

Finally, we made use of lightboxes with graphics to visually communicate the services we offer.

An immersive experience

The feedback from our prospects at Euroshop was very positive and resulted in new corporations with Swiss company Breitling, American UGG, Italian Prada, British Next and Middle Eastern jewellery company Kooheji.

Our tangible approach to the fair, creating a true and live shop experience, using real materials, was a huge success. The visitors absolutely loved the opportunity to touch and feel the displayed decoration and 3D elements and dive into a VM world of unlimited possibilities.

The fair booth served its purposes as intended, and the flexibility allows us to use it in new configurations for future fairs.

Want to take a tour of our booth at Euroshop? Play the video below. 


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